Viper Rambles

The many musing of ’DarkViperAU’ - A successful YouTuber and Twitch Streamer who somehow went from doing a Psychology degree, to making videos about society, religion, philosophy and politics, to then become a GTA 5 speedrunner and gaming content creator.

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3 days ago

00:00 - GTA 6 apparent “Wokeness” and female character leaks.04:54 - How I run my youtube channel and produce so many videos.11:44 - The dumbest tweet about nfts i have ever seen.12:53 - Super thanks becoming more common on youtube?15:03 - Blue light glasses to help me sleep, is it a scam?15:58 - My new amazing desk and how I hate my old desk.

7 days ago

0:00 Markiplier's content stealing reaction stream. 1:59 Someone abusing copyright to claim viral videos. 2:37 The best of DarkViper8888 compilation. 4:17 Is using all of my content really the best move? 5:10 Australia's destructive lettuce scarcity. 6:42 The death of the clips channel and future of my shorts. 9:19 I interact more on YouTube than Twitch. 9:43 Are all "good" games successful on steam? 11:33 Tunic the little fox game. 12:10 Faling asleep spoiled my audiobook. 13:04 Is money intrinsically valuable? 15:17 Twitch breaking reverse chat. 17:59 Update on trying to get good mobile coverage 23:00 Inflation rate is bad everywhere.

Sunday Jul 31, 2022

0:00 The greatest update to GTA Online ever.01:50 Daily Dose of internet coming out against reactors.04:25 My audience only searches for one thing on YouTube.06:22 Vsauce on less choices being better.08:20 What the next season of chaos will be.08:48 Seeing once beloved creators with dead channels.09:41 Speedrun viewers often hating strategies that speedrunners like.11:38 Being entertaining is hard.12:25 The problems inherent in creating new speedrun categories.13:49 Will I be changing the layout of rambles?14:22 Stray proving everyone wants to be a cat.14:52 My least known playthroughts.15:11 My passion for passion fruit.16:00 YouTube and Twitch both such for livestreaming.19:38 Analysing my 'this is what you missed' series.21:11 My second successful main channel short.

Sunday Jul 31, 2022

00:00 - I bought a wood carved GTA 5 map for my wall.00:56 - Rockstar's advertisement for their new DLC.01:42 - Almost at 1 million subscribers.01:59 - YouTube explained the #shorts algorithm and how it interacts with the rest of YouTube.06:39 - Twitch's new banlist sharing feature.07:51 - The series that could make me the king of GTAGuessr.09:48 - Gambling streamer attempts to buy back their soul.18:11 - Streamers who don't want to be role models.

Sunday Jul 31, 2022

00:00 - The Spiffing Brit and YouTube analytics04:53 - Australian mobile providers tried to kill me with incompetence Vodafone and Telstra13:10 - Minecraft vs Square Enix on NFTs15:55 - Never eat before you sleep16:41 - People will forgive anything for a good game

Monday Jul 25, 2022

00:00 - Ben VideoTech’s viral video of modders in GTA Online01:10 - I am the funniest person who has ever lived02:11 - The new GTA Online update was my idea02:42 - CallMeKevin’s DarkViperAU Cosplay03:38 - The death of my steam community page04:50 - Spending money to fix my teeth06:03 - Returning to Cyberpunk 207706:24 - Twitch introducing pinned chat messages06:53 - Elon Musk attempting to back out of buying twitter10:00 - The brutal fact about watching anime10:31 - Mental slowness11:16 - The awkward conspiracies creators make to explain declining viewership14:48 - Battling to become relevant on YouTube Shorts18:12 - Would I ever just make content for myself?

Sunday Jul 24, 2022

00:00 - Do I regret going back to speedrunning?00:43 - Is Rockstar’s change to snacks and armour going to be good?02:24 - I was in Melbourne for a total of 3 hours03:57 - Rockstar cancelled the PS5 version of RDR204:38 - Lilypichu and Myth move to YouTube06:35 - I am not into cars at all07:20 - My pokemon memorization video07:39 - What is in all the boxes sitting behind me?08:18 - I am now taking rambles suggestions08:42 - TheActMan got remonetized10:34 - My scrapped idea for an endurance challenge10:57 - The fallout of Hasan banning all our mutual viewers11:54 - No damage or speedrun for GTA 6?12:19 - The Boys is an amazingly successful comic book adaptation13:35 - Are all my videos 10/10?14:35 - Watch Dogs 1 has aged like fine wine14:53 - Great media you will never seek out15:25 - Tiktok as a search engine?16:48 - TikTok versus shorts algorithm

Saturday Jul 23, 2022

00:00 - Unnamed’s speedrunning career and people I met through doing No Damage Runs01:25 - Are esports careers over after you turn 24 yrs old?02:58 - Updates to my merch store03:27 - The internet’s ability to forgive and forget04:44 - Twitch NFT ads05:42 - Ubisoft removing access for some of their games and then backpedaling08:24 - Will future VR systems have baystations?10:47 - Lofi Girl has stream taken down due to wrongful copyright claim12:09 - My quest for slurpees aka slushies14:14 - Words that shouldn’t be lewd but kind of are14:38 - Tiktok and the value of removing options

Wednesday Jul 20, 2022

00:00 - Take Two takes down fan vr mods01:58 - GTA 4 and rdr remasters cancelled03:29 - The upcoming gta online update05:28 - Comparing rdr online and gta online06:29 - Kevin harts NFT SCams08:38 - Hyperphantasia10:37 - How my content impacts my happiness11:29 - Life of boris and “im quitting” videos13:27 - The scam behind primitive construction videos15:09 - Your normal isn’t necessarily everyone else’s16:02 - Finally getting my blinds18:13 - Replacing my acoustic foam with acoustic panels19:13 - Heated towel racks for my bathroom19:52 - The gods like me having long hair20:19 - Random stuff that i have purchased

Tuesday Jul 19, 2022

00:00 - Youtube demonetizing reactors?03:35 - Why I am temporarily wearing glasses?04:41 - Finally getting a new headset.05:16 - Sernando recreating my facts and glitches series.06:37 - Emplemon’s million sub special.07:30 - Why game sound has been removed from rambles.08:23 - The new gif at the end of my videos.09:06 - 2012-2016 DarkViperAU.13:07 - The Agatha Baker video.14:01 - Huniepop the dating sim game.14:26 - Darkviperau onlyfans.15:18 - Can you become successful on twitch without money?16:07 - My saints row video finally released.18:11 - Making understandable references is getting harder.18:58 - Technoblade’s untimely death.


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