Viper Rambles

The many musing of ’DarkViperAU’ - A successful YouTuber and Twitch Streamer who somehow went from doing a Psychology degree, to making videos about society, religion, philosophy and politics, to then become a GTA 5 speedrunner and gaming content creator.

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3 days ago

0:00 Is Video game content just as harmful has react content?12:11 Cutting out 10 minutes of my video blew it up in the algorithm.18:00 Why will no big content creators ever support my views on react content.21:18 Is pausing a video and then returning to it later detrimental to the content creator?22:43 Do taller people have a higher chance of getting cancer?
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4 days ago

0:00 Streamlabs is closing down my merch store.2:00 "The waffle house has found It’s new host": The consequences of gaslighting the internet.4:38 Is this the optimal way to be successful with shorts? Insights from a fellow content creator.14:51 Will I ever speedrun any game other than GTA V?15:41 Unveiling my upcoming compilation videos.17:00 The efficient way Australians speak.18:01 The Incomprehensible Reason Behind Twitter's Allowance of Pornography.      18:43 The reasons why I don’t make a 'How to succeed on Youtube' video. 20:46 Is my TikTok channel dead?            
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Thursday Jan 19, 2023

0:00 Lamar roasts a kid for not owning GTA V in real life.1:45 Modders are crashing streamers' GTA V in singleplayer mode.3:17 I used an AI to complete my GTA Guesser thumbnail.4:30 Are YouTube's swearing restrictions going too far?10:26 Is reacting the only way to thrive as a Twitch streamer?11:37 Is passion a must-have for a successful YouTube career?12:33 This channel changed my perspective on point and click adventure speedruns.13:57 My Ins and Outs of making a Twitch Stream into a YouTube Video.15:52 Elon Musk's never-ending unfulfilled promises scam.17:42 Does Discord impact the growth of My channel?19:16 Would I ever make a GTA V speedrunning world record progression video?20:44 The unfortunate reality of forgetting those who helped me succeed.22:42 Will this sleeping pills allow me to have a normal life again?23:27 Did I ever play Hades?
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Monday Jan 16, 2023

0:00 Why I returned to livestreaming on Twitch.1:58 Will creators flee YouTube as it becomes more restrictive?3:08 An obscenely rich person sits around watching others work hard - The crowd applauds.10:59 Coffeezilla’s “easy” takedown of Logan Paul.11:52 Are my standards too high for my GTA 5 Facts and Glitches series?12:33 I have been “getting back into speedrunning” for years now.13:10 Weird AL’s take on reaction content.14:01 I have a VOD channel now.15:57 Why I'll never reveal my secret VOD channel.17:00 The Challenge of Crafting Attractive Thumbnails for a New Audience.18:02 Getting a pet to cure my misery.21:06 My editor has disappeared without a trace.21:45 The harsh reality of those who succeed at the expense of others.22:33 How often do you rewatch YouTube videos?23:34 Ranking my years from worst to best.
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Saturday Jan 14, 2023

0:00 As Youtubers grow, do they lose their authenticity?8:25 This comment is among the rudest I have ever received.9:37 Do I feel like a celebrity?10:56 Are my efforts to correct misinformation online futile?12:33 Was the Andrew Tate arrest a set-up?13:16 Could there be a pet companion in GTA 6?13:35 People still believe that Michael was in witness protection.14:42 My secret to avoid burnout.16:03 Were my parents ever supportive of my career?18:08 There are imposters of me everywhere.✔YouTube Membership ~✔Merch ~✔My Discord ~✔DarkviperAU Subreddit ~✔Patreon ~✔Business Email ~✔Twitter ~✔Instagram ~✔GTA 5 Speedrun Discord ~✔Twitch Channel ~✔TikTok ~

Thursday Jan 05, 2023

0:00 YouTube cracks down on profanity with strict new rules.5:35 The 30+ ways Twitch livestreaming is better than YouTube livestreaming.15:35 Modders can now crash anyone’s game without even joining their lobby.17:15 Do I worry that I will have a negative impact on others.✔YouTube Membership ~✔Merch ~✔My Discord ~✔DarkviperAU Subreddit ~✔Patreon ~✔Business Email ~✔Twitter ~✔Instagram ~✔GTA 5 Speedrun Discord ~✔Twitch Channel ~✔TikTok ~

Saturday Dec 31, 2022

0:00 - MrBeast: YouTuber’s shouldn’t have a personality.5:03 - You can ask google’s AI who it thinks you are.6:20 - The illusion of competence in the eyes of the uninformed.8:09 -  Am I going to start doing Facts and Glitches for GTA Online?8:48 -  It’s confirmed, Twitch won’t partner with reactors anymore.11:57 - The Tiktok channel is making out of context memes about me.13:41 -  Will my final anti-reaction content video ever be made?14:39 - My thoughts on the new Avatar movie15:36 - Are people using me just to get into my videos?15:58 - Stop asking me if I've seen Breaking Bad16:37 - This YouTuber makes the most hardcore game retrospectives I've ever seen✔YouTube Membership ~✔My Discord ~✔DarkviperAU Subreddit ~✔Patreon ~✔Business Email ~✔Twitter ~✔Instagram ~✔GTA 5 Speedrun Discord ~✔Twitch Channel ~✔TikTok ~

Tuesday Dec 27, 2022

0:00 Twitter sparks outrage as it cracks down on users sharing links from other sites.4:50 YouTube to add multiple thumbnail feature for creators9:00 The blind 20 input strat that saves two seconds in the GTA 5 speedruns10:00 Goat Simulator's GTA 6 leak shut down by Take-Two.11:00 YouTube added new analytics for seeing subscriber numbers13:19 Upcoming collab for facts and glitches videos15:05 The future of content creation with AI 16:44 Speedrunning cayo perico has now become harder then ever.17:23 Is GTA 6 trailer coming in 2023?17:55 Is speedrunning old games easy to do for newcomers?18:12 Do people feel nostalgia for what I used to make?18:38 What happens after the GTA online servers go dark?19:14 Would I accept a role in GTA 6?20:00 Everyone is a word record holder.20:37 My 4k monitor won’t stop breaking.21:32 I got reddit famous on speciously specific.22:12 Do people even bother to enable notifications?
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Saturday Dec 24, 2022

0:00 - Is Entertainment a Waste of Time or a Vital Part of Life?2:26 - Is crypto a blessing or a curse for the world?5:27 - I've got the most annyoing hearing condition in the world.7:17 - Unveiling the truth behind my  giveaways.11:25 - Are spam bots gone for good from Youtube?12:54 - The Magic of my community posts.14:18 - My thoughts on the new GTA V DLC Los Santos Drug Wars.14:52 - People’s attitude towards subscriptions has changed16:02 - Is Instagram the worst social media ever made?16:48 - Twitter's Latest useless Feature.17:52 - Rockstar did the unthinkable, They fixed their game.18:22 - My chaotic adventure to the hair dresser.19:42 - Are old TV shows still relevant 100 years later?21:56 - This is the perfect time travel movie.
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Wednesday Dec 21, 2022

0:00 Trump’s hilarious 99$ NFT cards.1:30 The facade of Andrew Tate.2:57 Streamer's insensitivity backfires.9:18 I made a big mistake calling out the GTA developers.10:42 Is anything truly original?12:15 Was the Franklin DLC any good?12:37 The new Chainsaw Man anime left me in awe.13:32 Should I retire and follow my gaming dreams?14:23 Has the spark for GTA V story speedrunning fizzled out?15:05 Do I plan on speedrunning the Diamond casino heist?15:58 Is GTA online the black sheep of the GTA franchise?16:53 How was I like in my school years?17:31 The possibility of technology degrading mental ability.18:13 The satisfaction of conquering difficult tasks.18:57 The improvements of laser eye surgery on my everyday life.19:24 My first time trying cold coffee.20:48 The story behind the music I use in my videos.21:33 Did I ever consider going abroad?
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